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Skybreak is now Meteor

January 20, 2012 By Matt DeBergalis
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We've changed our name! Skybreak is now Meteor, a second-generation microframework and application server for building websites in pure JavaScript.

The normal update won't work here. The one-line install (OS X only, still) is $ curl | sh.

Migration instructions

First, we've renamed the Sky global to Meteor. Your code won't break — we've added an alias — but that won't last long. Simply use search and replace to change Sky to Meteor in all of your code.

The default domain for meteor deploy is now, instead of As before, you can still use your own domain. Our ingress IP addresses haven't changed, but if you've set a CNAME to, you'll want to change that to

Old applications are still running at If you'd like to move to and keep your production data, we're happy to help: just ask. Otherwise, just redeploy.

Locally, you'll need to migrate your working directories:

$ cd project ; mv .skybreak .meteor ; meteor reset

That last command destroys the local data in your development environment. To preserve that data, instead do:

$ cd project ; mv .skybreak .meteor ; meteor

and then in a meteor mongo console

> db.copyDatabase('skybreak', 'meteor');
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