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Search engine optimization

August 08, 2012 By Matt DeBergalis
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We are happy to announce Meteor 0.3.9 and the new spiderable smart package, which allows Google and other search engines to index Meteor applications.

The spiderable package uses the AJAX Crawling Specification published by Google to serve HTML to web spiders. When a spider requests an HTML snapshot of a page, the Meteor server runs the client half of the application and returns the full HTML generated by the client code. This version of spiderable uses phantomjs, a headless browser. A future release will eliminate the dependency on phantomjs and run the client code directly.

You can add spiderable to any Meteor app. For the past month, we have been using an early version on our own website. That — plus all your blogging — is why is now the top search result for "meteor".

To get started, type meteor add spiderable. If you deploy to our servers with meteor deploy you're all set. If you're running your app on your own infrastructure, you'll need to provide a copy of phantomjs. See the spiderable docs for more.

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