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Production database access, password protection

December 09, 2011 By Matt DeBergalis
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We have a new Skybreak update for you, with two features you asked for: access to your hosted Mongo DB, and password protection on deploys. You can upgrade by running skybreak update.

Production Mongo DB access

We've added access to your hosted production Mongo DB. Run skybreak mongo get a live Mongo shell. You can use this to inspect and modify the live collections. Alternatively, you can get a MongoDB URL with skybreak mongo --url to pass into another tool, useful for implementing your own backups and imports. The URL is valid for one minute.

Password protection for your deploys

We've added password protection to the "deploy", "mongo", and "logs" commands. To set a password, pass the -P option to skybreak deploy. Future deploy, mongo, and log commands will prompt for this password.

This is a temporary facility. We'll have full Skybreak accounts in the future, but for now it's enough to protect your DB and logs, and prevent others from deploying to the same hostname.

Other changes include:

  • Support for IE8.

  • Support 32-bit Snow Leopard machines. Thanks, Collin!

  • Use RFC 4122 UUIDs for Mongo IDs [packages/minimongo/uuid.js]

  • Don't include emacs backup (~) files in Skybreak bundles.

  • Keep Skybreak running development app when bundling step fails.

  • Flag an error (at runtime) if two templates have the same name.

  • Eliminate internal dependencies on class.js and basics.js.

  • Clean up our use of Underscore.

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