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Official Angular support with angular-meteor 1.0.0

September 29, 2015 By Uri Goldshtein
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As announced earlier in this blog post, Angular is now officially supported in Meteor 1.2.

That means we’ve released the official angular package!
To start using the new package just go to your Meteor console and type: meteor add angular

From this point on, urigo:angular is deprecated in favor of the angular package.

We released version 1.0.0 of the angular package which supports Meteor 1.2 as well as older versions.

The angular package let's you:

  • Use Angular templates inside a Meteor project
  • Connect Angular and Meteor data in the most seamless way across your stack
  • Add any existing Angular app or 3rd party libraries to Meteor
  • Angular wrappers for all of Meteor's API
  • Ability to use Blaze templates inside your angular-meteor project

We’ve also updated our tutorials accordingly. On a personal note, this has been an amazing personal journey for me, working for this goal for about a year now. It’s only symbolic that we just passed the 1000 stars on Github — and it’s just the start!

What’s next?

  • Moving to develop version 1.2.0 which will support the new build process introduced in Meteor 1.2
  • Creating more resources on using Angular with ES2015 which is supported by default from version 1.2
  • Strengthening the collaboration with the Angular team, releasing an improved version of the Angular 2.0 Meteor integration and update the Angular 2.0 Meteor tutorial
  • Ionic Framework documentation - many of our users use angular-meteor with the Ionic Framework. Ionic just added an official release to Meteor and we will release two blog posts and a tutorial about how to use that in the best way.
  • Code improvements by the notes of an internal code review by Sashko
  • Like always, the roadmap will be motivated by our amazing growing community

This great accomplishment couldn’t be possible without our amazing community members and especially our contributors who submitted great PRs:

Uri Goldshtein, Androo, Yago Ferrer, Netanel Gilad, ShMcK, Alex, Dotan Simha, Simon, Eytan Manor, David Yahalomi, Tally Barak, Fredrik Ekelund, Léo Lam, Richard Smith, okland, Radoslav Kirilov, Cristiano Cortezia, Martin McCormack, Max Bruchmann, oshai, Idan Wender, Mark Leusink, Emmanuel Potvin, pbastowski, Igor Minar, Nieziemski, PeterHB999, sebastian krämer,Emanuel Nedelcu, NazarK, Pavel Potoplyak, freezby, Christopher Blevins, Simon Tucker, Jaakko Nissi, Eric Wyne, Asaf David, Magnus Lund, Miloš Stanić, Alexander Gusev, GongYi, Stoyan Revov, Thomas Spellman, Travis Dart, Sashko Stubailo, Diego, Jeremy Plack, Nick Janssen,Pierre PIRONIN, Richard Littauer, Richard Lai, fmachucas, oneonestar, Colby Tucker, Alexander Kuzmin, Cedric Nicoloso, Dovydas, Evgeniy Demidchenko, Gil Nisan, Ivan, James Pieper,jonmc12, Juan Vazquez, Kai Haase, Khashayar Pourdeilami, Leroy Campbell, Lukas Paul,Nelieru, Oak Chantosa, Omer Etrog, Pan, Patrick Metzdorf, dt-pward, Peter Pavlovich, AJ,Robert Lachance, Sebastian Sauer, SyedWasiHaider, The Gitter Badger, Thomas Farla,TzachDesign, dj0nes, lucky code dog, scresawn, thomkaufmann, tschaei

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