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MIT license, HTTP request package, Made With Meteor

April 20, 2012 By Matt DeBergalis
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We've just released Meteor 0.3.3, now under the MIT license. Thanks to everyone who sent us comments and helped us figure this out.

Why MIT? To make Meteor the best possible platform for JavaScript development, it has to be part of a robust ecosystem. That means ubiquity and flexibility: permitting a wide variety of use cases and environments. Because Meteor is a framework, many of you have asked to integrate it with other code that may be GPL, MIT, or closed source. We think it's vitally important that all these different use cases be easy and straightforward, and not carry restrictions on their use. The MIT license offers all of that.

To be precise, you are free to use Meteor without restriction for both open-source and closed-source applications. If you make modifications to Meteor packages, we encourage you to share them with the Meteor developer community, but you are not required to do so.

HTTP smart package

The headline feature in 0.3.3 is a new http smart package that provides the same API for making HTTP requests on the client and the server. Just meteor add http and you can access any REST endpoint with just one line of code. See the docs for details.

Made With Meteor

We keep getting notes from you about amazing applications you've written. We wanted to make a public place to show those off, so we just built Made With Meteor. If you've got something you want to share, add it to the list! We also have a new smart package to add a "Made with Meteor" badge to your site that links back to madewith. To add the badge, run meteor add madewithand it'll show up in the upper right corner.

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