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Meteor Devshop 1: The Shape of Things to Come

March 08, 2013 By Jade Wang
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The Shape of Things to ComeThe Shape of Things to Come. Geoff offers a preview of upcoming releases (see also, Meteor Roadmap), and the guiding philosophy for how things should work. (Meteor Devshop Photo Album)

Last Wednesday, we held Meteor Devshop 1, the second of our monthly co-working meetup where Meteorites can drop in, plug in, and help each other build things. In order to hold everyone, we actually had to open up our upstairs space to accomodate all the Meteorites. It's amazing how much progress some Meteorites have made since the last Devshop.

There was an excellent line-up of Lightning TalksJonathan Dinu transcribed and translated his speech in real time with his app Ambert Yeung (BzL) demo'd Sound Tailgate, which makes it possible for everyone to listen to music together, at the same time. Ian Serlin, which tracks his location in real time to keep track of his running, and how he made itBozhao Yu shared how he combines the powers of Meteor and Titanium for maximum speedAlexey Komissarouk shared the lessons and experiences of writing his Trivia Night Meteor app, and then migrating it to a more grow-up version of his app. Dror showcased Devwik, his prototype of a WordPress-esque wysiwyg in-browser IDE to launch Meteor apps. Last but not least, thank you, Chris Mather, for sharing your knowledge by putting together those very helpful screencasts, EventedMind, which has been a great resource to Meteorites across the planet.


A few core devs gave afternoon tech talks. Matt talked about subscriptions and how stuff works:

Geoff gave a preview of forms and controllers, and a vision of things to come:

Stay tuned for Meteor Devshop 2. Looking forward to all the awesome new projects.

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