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Meteor 0.6.4: new OAuth packages and recommended updates

June 10, 2013 By Matt DeBergalis
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Meteor 0.6.4 is now available, including a new family of packages to connect to OAuth providers, better support for MongoDB replica sets and primary state changes, and several upstream package updates and bugfixes.

We recommend updating to 0.6.4, which includes upstream security fixes identified by Petr Praus, at your earliest convenience. Those of you on 0.6.0 or later can update individual applications by running meteor update inside each application's directory. If you're new to Meteor, you can get started on OS X or Linux by running

$ curl | /bin/sh

in your terminal window. Windows users can visit for several unofficial installation options.

Read on for a selected list of changes. Full release notes are available in GitHub.

  • Tim Haines led an effort to separate the OAuth flow logic from Meteor accounts. The newfacebookgithubgooglemeetuptwitter, and weibo packages can be now used to perform an OAuth exchange without creating an account and logging in.

  • We updated to a newer MongoDB driver. Among other improvements, this version has better support for primary server failover in Mongo replica sets.

  • Add support for a DISABLE_WEBSOCKETS environment variable, which will prevent browsers from attempting to use Websockets. If you're hosting your application in a server environment that doesn't support WebSockets, using this option will reduce web clients' connection startup time.

  • Allow new Random instances to be constructed with specified seed. This can be used to create repeatable test cases for code that picks random values.

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