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Highlights from the Meteor Stack Overflow-athon

December 21, 2012 By Jade Wang
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Stack Overflow is a great resource for developers who are new to Meteor, with over 771 questions about Meteor development. More get asked each day: the growth rate of new developers is reflected in the increasing pace of incoming questions. Last Thursday afternoon, over the course of two hours, a team of Meteor community members and core devs made a coordinated push to answer as many Stack Overflow questions as possible, prioritized by number of votes. We used the #meteor IRC channel and a simultaneous Google Hangout session to coordinate our work and maximize what we could answer together. By the end of those 2 hours, we answered every question with more than 2 votes.

Particularly significant contributions came from:

Stack Overflow is based on community trust. Anyone can ask and answer questions on Stack Overflow right away. As your questions and answers get voted up, you gain reputation points. Those points give you more privileges on the site: the ability to vote, suggest edits, revise older questions and answers, or answer more than one question every three minutes. (Until we had reputation, Stack Overflow decided we were robots for answering too fast!)

Having a coordinated virtual event helped a lot of us build Stack Overflow reputation, which lets us share our knowledge with everyone more effectively. Even better, the "in person" discussions on IRC and Google Hangout quickly resolved confusion regarding what a question was asking or brought to light some nontrivial technical insight. Even after the two hours were up, people stuck around on the Google Hangout chatting about the projects they were working on. The experience was worth its weight in gold, and really highlights the value of Stack Overflow as an open knowledge base. We'll do it again, and I would highly recommend this for any open source project.

So please join us and share your knowledge where you can. Here are some notable questions and answers for inspiration:

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